Ned Hart


Nationality: British/ Australian
Sponsors: 69 Slam, Rusty, Pyzel, Modom, Voltewetsuits, Futures, Smoothstar, Surfmud, Triton active / Surfmealco / Mentawai surf / Coastallifesturf

My Name is Ned Hart, I am a surfer who also love to Bowl skate.

My Best trick is pulling in and getting barrelled. My favourite types of waves are slabs and reef. I also love doing airs. I love big waves and the adrenaline and excitement. My Favourite wave at home in Western Australia is Mousetraps and the Box at Margaret River and in Mentawais its HT for sure. I also love surfing in Lakey Peak, Perascopes and Uluwatu.

Best memory Trip? So far my most memorable trip was my first boat trip to the Mentawais, I surfed HTs solid 6 foot. I paddled in & Dylan Long bottom helped position me, I paddled for it and made it and everyone went crazy on the boats and in the water. It was epic. Another was getting my first big slab barrel at a spot with Taj Burrows at home.

Who inspires me the most?  The person who inspires me most is Claire Bevolaqua, I have surfed with her since I was really young. She is epic to surf with.  Also John John Florence, I love his style surfing and skating and he is such a nice guy. My goals are to get bigger and better at airs and get bigger hollow barrels