About Us

About 69Slam

Since the release of the first collection in 2004, 69SLAM has spread its seed, harnessing worldwide fans. Over the years, 69SLAM has built a reputation with its colorful, alternative and suggestive prints, continuing to outdo itself with each bold step.
Best known for its status as a youthful and provocative brand, 69SLAM continues to evolve bringing the same confident, whimsical and playful attitude to all its designs.
69SLAM was born far far away from all formulaic and watered-down brands and has grown into a modern lifestyle brand of fun underwear, swimwear, apparel and other related products.
Present in over 50 countries around world, 69SLAM intends to illustrate its motto ‘PLAYLOUD!’ in the best possible way.

New Brand Identity

In 2013, it was time to create a new clean, crisp and strong brand logo that reflects the brands’ direction. 69SLAM stays fresh and true to its purpose and believes the new logo design is the right step. And so, the ice cream logo was unveiled.
The symbol is both modern and authentic, sexy and playful. It represents craziness, celebration and youthfulness, all of which brand stands for.
There are enough flavors of ice – cream to satisfy everyone. What’s your favorite flavor?


Enter the world of 69SLAM that brings together a unique group of individuals loving to play loud and act provocative.
Drawing on influences from street art, extreme sports and music, 69SLAM speaks to everyone that loves, feels, is, lives.
Spread the Phenomenon Slammers !