Raju Sena

Date of Birth: 29/09/2000
Nationality: Balinese
69slam / Hurley / DC

Hi, my name is Raju Sena. I surf & my special tricks are Air 360 and Snaps!
My Favorite Spots are Canggu and Padma. My Best Trip Memory ? When I went to Hawaii, yeeaahh!
A Crazy Story ? When I was 8 years old, I went to Sumbawa with the Padma boys. One day the waves were really big (8-9ft), and Dylan told me to go surf with him. I took one wave and when I was paddling back I saw the big set coming, I just had the time to say “Dylan help me!” and a big 9ft wave smashed me. I broke my board and my leash at the same time! Dylan told me to relax, and that’s what I did. Since this day, I’m not scared of big waves anymore.
Who inspires me the most ? Kelly Slater, he’s really smart and strong, he has a powerful surf, and of course he’s 11 times World Champion.