Logan Steinwede

Date of Birth: 01/10/2003
Nationality: Australian
69Slam /Rip curl / Wyndham resorts / Liive vision / Farking / Surfers choice / OBFive / Mcgrath / DHD

Hi my name is Logan Steinwede, I am from Australia and I am a surfer. My special trick is the Frontside reverse.
My favorite spot is Snapper rocks, and my best trip memory is when I went to Mentawai because I got an 8 seconds barrel at the future legends trip in Mentawies in 2016.
Who is inspire me the most? Mick Fanning.
A crazy story? When I was 9 years old, I was surfing snapper with my dad and my brother, and I caught a wave from anpper to greenmount and my dad and brother couldn’t find me for about half an hour until the lifeguards found me and took me to him..