Andre Anwar

Date of Birth: 01/05/1998
Nationality: Balinese
69Slam, Rip Curl, Ocean & Earth, Banana Wax, PSI Surfboard, Bali fit.

Hi, my name is Andre Anwar. I surf & my special tricks are airs and barrels.
My Favorite Spot is Lakey Peak and Mentawai. My Best Trip Memory was when I went on a Ripcurl Indo trip to the Mentawai Islands. I was so stocked to be part of it and be able to share this adventure with the best Indonesians surfers.
A Crazy Story: Once I almost drowned at Canggu! Hit my head on the floor and almost drown. It was crazy!
Who inspires me the most ? Grabiel Medina and Oney Anwar, I want to be like them in the future.