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On a rainy Sunday morning in January 2004, Nic woke up in his grey bamboo boxers thinking… why the heck are all mens boxers toned down and boring as F**K? When they are the first things you see in the morning, wouldn’t you wake up in a better mood if they were made of bright colors and funky prints? Life is serious enough. And this is how the #PLAYLOUD revolution started.

69Slam offers designs that scream out: jump in, play hard, laugh and be who you are. We’ve made people more aware of what they wear and conscious of how their attire matches with their lifestyle and personality.


The average man only packs 3 pairs of boxers for a week’s holiday.
69slam’s mens boxer pack should cover you for your next holiday.

The biggest wave ever recorded was 530 meters which is equivalent to over 2340 69slam womens bikinis lined up.

29% of Britons say they would be turned off sleeping with a new partner due to unsightly underwear. We can help you with that.

In Australia, mens and womens swimwear are known as “cossies.” In the UK and Ireland, they are called “togs.”

Italians wear red, Argentineans wear pink, and Brazilians wear brand new underwear on New Years Eve.


Available in over 40 countries! Our mission is to bring fun and color to every corner of the world.

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